(Burlington, NC) May 15, 2020 – Despite the challenges experienced by small businesses in the face of the global pandemic, 2D Consulting, LLC’s (2D) founder and decision maker, Trip Durham, is bullish about the future. So much so, he is continuing to move forward in expanding the reach of his athletics consulting business by adding three affiliate members to the company’s portfolio.

Tapping into the work being conducted daily in their own professions, each will bring their unique perspectives, skills, and abilities to any number of collaborations secured by 2D. From graphic design, to communications, to event management, 2D has developed a robust offering of services, capabilities that will allow 2D to integrate more fully with the needs of the client.

“COVID-19 is affecting how colleges, universities, and professional teams are planning for the ‘what’s next’,” says Durham. “To use a sports analogy, we have a bench full of talented players that will help athletic departments and front offices emerge from the shut down and thrive on the other side.”

Furloughs and layoffs are occurring throughout the industry of Sport, and many leaders will find themselves needing to pivot quickly and staff up with hands that are experienced and well-seasoned. The three 2D affiliates, Matt VanSandt (graphics), Erica Madden (communications), and Mike Odom (event operations) cover three very important elements of the sports enterprise. “I am excited to work alongside of these folks, as I think they are a perfect complement to what 2D has built over the first ten years of the business,” states Durham. “2D and our affiliates can make an impact on the operations of the client without adding strain to their payroll and benefits line items.”

To learn about the dynamic personalities on the 2D “Affiliates” roster, click the link https://www.2dconsultingllc.com/affiliates/. Those interested in learning more can contact Durham at trip@2DConsultingLLC.com or by phone at 336-264-7550.