2D is your Offensive Coordinator

  • How do you look at your external operations from a higher level when you are deep in the daily needs of your staff, athletic department and school?
  • 2D brings a new perspective to assess your situation and develop solutions to lead you forward.
  • 2D will prepare you for whatever you might face on the next play and throughout the season.

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2D Creates Your Playbook

External Assessment

Your (daily) task list has more To Dos at the end of the day instead of less. You have fleeting thoughts about whether the tasks actually lead to the ultimate goal. Enter 2D Consulting.

Why Do I Need 2D?

  • How do we increase revenue — corporate sponsors, ticket sales, donor relations — and get more people involved with our team?
  • How can our coaches and staff partner with local businesses and nonprofits to create visibility in the community?
  • I quickly counted all the students at our fall sporting events — how do we get them to show up?
  • Where am I going to find the time to audit all of our external operations to access efficiency and effectiveness?
  • We have billboards, newspaper ads, website stories, social media posts … so why does it feel like no one in our community knows our brand?

If these are your questions, let’s find your answers.

2D Is Your 6th Man

Project Management

You (and your staff) are hesitant to bring up a new idea because there are a.) not enough hands, b.) not enough people with the right skill set, c.) constraints on your full-time staff, or d.) all of the above. Enter 2D Consulting.

Do I Need 2D’s Experience?

  • Our staff is already overextended … is there anyone experienced enough to execute the project from start to finish?
  • We are doing a great job selling sponsorships … is there a better way to activate them?
  • How can we grow our visibility without the staff to handle a new project?
  • We have a young, enthusiastic staff, but we need a professional who has led diverse projects to offer expertise and best practices.
  • Expectations are high for us to produce big gains … I need an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands to make this project a success.

We want 2D’s past to impact your future.

Experience leads to effective solutions.
With 2D, you can call the winning play.

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