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Trip Durham
Trip DurhamFounder

“Durham, can you handle doing public address at the JV football game tonight?”

One little question … big life-changing impact.

I was only a sophomore and that question came from the director of athletics at Walter M. Williams High School back in 1984. The best thing I ever did was respond, ‘Sure.’ (Despite the fact I had yet to pick up a microphone!)

Since then, my life and athletics — public address, event planning, game day operations, marketing, brand development — have been on a happy collision course.

My personal and professional development is directly related to all my experiences: living out college life at East Carolina University, leading event operations in minor league baseball, 14 years generating revenue, developing operating procedures and branding Elon University athletics, serving as president of the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators, creating 2D Consulting to improve the impact of external relations in college athletic departments … not to mention the countless public address opportunities that followed that October night 25 years ago.

I want to be part of your story because every brainstorming session, every marketing strategy, every game day timeline is truly part of a post-game celebration. I love being the member of your team who can evaluate the (many!) moving parts and make sure you are set up with a game plan for success.

Oh, and if you need a voice to narrate your celebration, my answer is, ‘Sure.’

A TD of Tidbits about Trip

  • I used to be the President … of NACMA. I am so proud to have led the programming for the first convention in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

  • And the ball is tipped … I have produced or co-produced over 1,500 events in the last 25 years!
  • I’m often guilty of having wanderlust … follow #2Dtravels.
  • I am a creative cook. I like to make a vision in my head come to life on a plate.
  • I have been a board member for numerous organizations. At the end of the day, I’m a non-profit guy.
  • Some would say I have the best seat in the house — center court at Cameron Indoor Stadium where I have handled public address since 2010.
  • If you can’t find me in my office, look in my yard. When I’m pulling weeds, I find my best ideas grow.

Trip Durham Laugh

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So, what is the story behind the name 2D?

The company was born and remains strong because of the talents of my accountant and business manager — my wife, Caroline. 2D represents the 2 Durhams. In a sentence, Caroline is a numbers geek, nonprofit girl (as evidenced by her career as the CFO at our local hospice), technical editor, fan of sports, and the perfect compliment to me. You can count on the fact that these 2 Durhams will always have a focus on you.

So now you know about me.
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